Public Liability insurance for Market Traders
Marketline can arrange Public Liability, Products Liability and Employers’ Liability insurance for market traders and stall holders. Protect your business against the unexpected costs you could incur if you were found legally liable for causing injury to other people or damage to their property with our Liability insurance from Allianz.
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Whether you are a stallholder at an indoor or outdoor market, an exhibition, festival, village fete, one-off event or a craft fair, our market trader public liability insurance policy can provide the following cover:
  • Public Liability insurance up to £10 million (including Products Liability insurance)
  • Employer’s Liability can also be included (legally required even for unpaid volunteers)
  • Our policy allows you to trade on unlimited markets anywhere within the EU
  • £100 excess applies to all Third Party Property Damage claims
What is Public Liability insurance?
If you, your market stall or your stock cause an injury to a member of the public (e.g. a customer, supplier, passer-by etc.) or cause damage to their property or possessions as a result of your business activities, then they may decide to make a claim against you for compensation.
A claim for personal injury could run into thousands or even millions of pounds, so without a Public Liability insurance policy in place you could face significant financial difficulties in the event of a claim.
Public Liability insurance covers both the compensation payments and legal costs if you are held responsible for causing injury or property damage to a member of the public or to another company due to negligence.
Most markets and events now require you to buy Public Liability cover before they will allow you to trade.
Do market traders need Public Liability insurance?
Although there isn’t a legal requirement for market traders and stallholders to have Public Liability insurance, many events and market organisers request that traders have a certain level of cover in place.
As well as that, the cover that Public Liability insurance can provide makes it a common form of insurance that all market traders should consider.
Public Liability insurance can typically cover your business against claims made for:
  • Damage caused by you to someone else’s property or belongings while you’re working, or caused by the products you sell on your market stall
  • Injury caused by you to someone else while you’re working, or as a result of the products you sell on your market stall
  • Accidental damage or injury caused by one of your employees (note: if you employ people on your market stall then it is a legal requirement for you to have Employers’ Liability insurance)
For example:
  • A passer-by could trip over a box of goods that one of your employees leaves on the ground next to your stall and breaks their ankle
  • The canopy on your market stall could collapse and the frame falls on top of several customers, causing them all serious head injuries
  • A customer claims that the food they purchased from your stall gave them food poisoning
How much does Public Liability insurance cost for a market stall?
When it comes to the price you pay for Public Liability insurance, there are lots of factors that determine the cost, such as:
  • The type of goods you sell
  • The type of stall you use
  • The number of stalls you operate
  • The level of cover you purchase
There is no limit on the number of events you can attend, and they can be indoors or outdoors. This includes markets, fairs, car boot sales, events, exhibitions & festivals.
Cover is arranged through Allianz, an A-rated insurer, up to £5 million as standard, with the option to increase to £10 million. Plus, Marketline can provide Employers’ Liability cover up to £10 million as an additional option.
Liability Insurance FAQs
For more information about Public Liability, Product Liability and Employers’ Liability insurance for market traders, take a look at our Liability insurance FAQs. Here you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions asked by our market trader customers.
Get a quote and buy online
Get a quote and buy online now by clicking the link below or for assistance call 0207 618 2929.   
The Public Liability insurance policy is non-refundable if the policy is cancelled at any time during the policy period and there is no cooling off period. For more information, please see our full terms and conditions.
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