Stock Insurance FAQs


How to I report an accident or claim?

You need to report this to your insurer as soon as possible in order to comply with the conditions of your policy.

Click here for details of which number to call. 

Can I view my policy wording online?


Yes you can. Click here to view our policy documents page.

Why do I need Stock insurance?

Stock insurance protects your stock and trading equipment against damage from an accident, fire or flood as well as against theft in the event of your stock being stolen. The policy we arrange also provides cover for loss of money, personal assault, business interruption and goods in transit.

It can also be extended to include cover for attending events, exhibitions and festivals, subject to an additional premium. 

Doesn’t my Liability insurance cover my stock?


It excludes cover for your stock or trading equipment so this will need to be insured separately.

What does my Stock insurance policy cover?


To cater for different types of trader we offer two variations of the Stock insurance policy:

Market Traders Stock Insurance

  • Designed for traders working at street markets and outdoor events, exhibitions, shows and festivals
  • Covers your stock whilst you are trading, in transit to and from the market or event, stored at home or in a storage unit or warehouse, as well as your trading equipment fixtures and fittings
  • Business Interruption and Loss of Money cover included
  • If you use a trailer this can be protected against accidental damage (including whilst being towed), fire and theft
  • Minimum standards of security may apply

Indoor Market

  • Designed for traders who work at indoor markets, including kiosks in shopping centres, bus stations and high streets
  • Covers your stock whilst you are trading and also while stored in the unit overnight, together with your trading equipment fixtures and fittings
  • Business Interruption and Loss of Money cover included
  • Cover can be included for frozen food in the event of a freezer breakdown
  • You can also insure the kiosk or unit itself, as well as any buildings including glass
  • Minimum standards of security may apply

Will my stock be insured on my stall while I am trading?

Cover while trading is restricted to loss or damage by fire, lightening, aircraft, explosion and impact by cattle or motor vehicles.

Any loss or damage caused by water damage or theft is excluded whilst you are trading.

How do I calculate how much I should insure?

Your stock sum insured should be based upon the cost of purchasing the items rather than the sale price.

For your business equipment, fixtures, fittings and trailers you should insure the value of replacing everything as new.

Is my stock insured when I am transporting it to the market?

We can arrange for your policy to include cover for goods in transit, which will cover you either when you are transporting stock from a wholesaler to a market/event or between a place of storage to a market/event.

Can I insure my stock left in my vehicle overnight?

Under the Market Traders Stock Policy, cover is provided for stock left in your van overnight if the vehicle is kept within 30 metres of your home, or any other premises agreed in advance with the insurers.

Losses from an unattended car are excluded unless the vehicle was in a locked garage or compound at the time of the loss.

Minimum standards of security may apply.

Can you cover the stock I keep stored at my home?

Cover is included with the Market Traders Stock Policy.

Minimum standards of security may apply.

I store my stock in a self-storage unit, can I cover this?

We can cover your stock and trading equipment while it is stored in a self-storage unit, warehouse or storage container.

Minimum standards of security may apply.

Wouldn’t my trailer be insured under my Car or Van policy?

You will be insured to tow a trailer or caravan for Third Party Only cover.

If you use a trailer when attending markets, events, exhibitions and/or festivals we can arrange a Market Traders Stock Insurance policy which covers your trailer and its contents for accidental damage, fire and theft.

I attend Events and/or Festivals and need cover for my stock while on site overnight. Is this insured?

Cover for stock and equipment kept on site overnight may be available as an optional extra and would be subject to an additional premium.

Minimum standards of security may apply.

I trade from a unit in an indoor market and leave my stock in there overnight, can this be covered?

This can be insured under an Indoor Market policy, which can also cover your trading equipment, fixtures and fittings.

Minimum standards of security may apply. 

What is Business Interruption insurance?

The Business Interruption section of the policy provides up to £75,000 protection should you lose money as a result of being unable to trade due to stock or equipment being stolen, damaged or destroyed. It includes cover should the trading premises be damaged as a result of a flood or fire.

It also protects against additional costs you may incur to get your business back up and running.

My insurance is due for renewal. Will you automatically renew it?

We do not automatically renew policies. You will receive a renewal notice at least 14 days before the cover expires which will give you instructions on how you can renew the cover for a further year.


As with all insurance policies, terms, conditions and exclusions apply – see policy documents for full details.


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