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Do I need insurance for a market stall?

Do I need insurance for a market stall?

If you run a market stall there’s a good chance that you’ve questioned what would happen to your business operations if something were to go wrong.

For example, what would the impact be to your business if your stock became damaged, or if a member of the public incurred an injury because of your stall?

Without the correct insurance in place, unfortunate circumstances such as these could seriously threaten your livelihood and the future of your business.That’s why we’ve put together this guide to briefly explain the different types of insurance you may need, and exactly why each type is important.


Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is an essential type of business cover for many market traders operating in a physical environment.

If a person suffers an injury or damage to their property or possessions as a result of your ‘negligent’ business activities, they may take legal action against you. In a case where this occurred and you were found legally answerable, you would have to pay compensation. 

Public liability insurance protects businesses against the costs incurred when they are found to be negligent.

To help you learn more about public liability insurance, including how much it costs, we created a separate blog post about it: How much does public liability insurance cost for a market stall?


Stock Insurance

Stock insurance can protect the goods that are the very heart of your business. In the unfortunate event your stock or equipment is damaged from an accident, fire, flood or theft, your stock insurance will cover the cost to replace it.

This makes it crucial for many types of traders and stallholders who handle different products and materials.

Despite how important stock is for many traders, at Marketline we’re aware that a large portion of stall holders aren’t certain of the best way to insure their stock.

That’s why we put together a detailed guide to explain all you need to know about stock insurance: What is stock insurance?


Van & Truck Insurance

Van & truck insurance protects the vehicle you use when travelling to events, exhibitions and festivals — so in the unfortunate event your vehicle experiences a fault, you can get back to business quickly and without suffering significant financial loss.

At Marketline, we can also arrange cover for panel vans, box vans, trucks, mobile shops and catering vehicles.

To find out more about van & truck insurance visit: Van and Truck insurance for market traders


Car Insurance

Don’t use a van or truck?

Marketline can also arrange car insurance for market traders, with the option to include cover for business use and carriage of own goods.

We provide this cover because we want our customers to feel protected whatever vehicle they use — and so there’s as little disruption as possible when something goes wrong with your vehicle of choice.

(Plus, if you insure more than one vehicle with us we can provide a discount for every additional vehicle — this applies to both cars and vans!)

To find out more, visit: Car insurance for market traders


Household Insurance

Many of our customers will already be aware what household insurance is — but you may not have known that you can arrange your household insurance directly through Marketline — with cover for both buildings and contents!

We can arrange buildings cover exclusively for market traders for up to £1,000,000 ‘new for old’ (which can be extended to include accidental damage). Plus, we can provide up to 20% of the building's sum insured to cover the cost of alternative accommodation.

Our contents insurance also includes new for old and can also be extended to include accidental damage cover. You’ll also be protected for loss of keys, frozen foods and plants in your garden. 

So, if something bad happens to your house or building, you can get back to work as soon as possible.

To find out more, visit: Household insurance for market traders




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